Authors of ECBS 2021 submissions,

This is to inform you that ECBS 2021 is an ACM ICPS event.

Please be aware that ACM has introduced a new ACM Primary Article Templates and Publication Workflow. Starting March 1, 2020, all ICPS events are required to use the new workflow:

Warning: Interim Template was allowed for the initial paper submissions for the review process, because most of the authors are used to it, but authors of accepted papers will need to prepare their final paper versions using the new proceedings templates and the CCS2012 guide: Questions regarding the ACM authoring templates MUST be referred to the ACM TeX support team at Aptara, at

Please be aware that ECBS 2021 organizers will not provide assistance for preparing the final paper versions to the authors of the accepted papers.

Authors of accepted paper will receive an email with instructions for preparing their final papers after the Notification of Acceptance deadline: Mar. 15th, 2021.

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